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Falcorweb is both an Albuquerque, NM and Long Island, NY based web development company. We are specialist in coding custom CMS (Content Management Systems), and cross-browser (W3C compliant) websites.
For several years (even before it was popular) Falcorweb has hosted web content for an increasing number of websites with a custom Falcorweb Content Management System. This CMS allowed clients to update the content of their website with no high-skills training, and featured a multi-tiered login scheme to assign different areas of a website to different individuals for maintenance. In 2011 Falcorweb started development on a new CMS called LuckDragon. For you geeks out there, it is all object-oriented php5 and jquery; very slick, fast, efficient on both the front and back end. For you non-geeks, it is super-simple to use, heavy on the icons. Several clients are already on this platform and it is still in development. We anticipate full functionality with all features very soon.
• Programming and Web Applications
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We program in PHP, Javascript, Jquery, AJAX, MySQL, HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS. We take special interest in custom web applications that require databasing or custom javascript animations/behaviors.
• Hosting
Our websites are hosted on a VPS (virtual private server) managed by HOSTV. Their uptime and client support is truly excellent. Our hosting includes 2-hour training on CMS operation and virtually unlimited phone support.
• Design and Graphics by Mountainlight Designs
Many of the falcorweb websites are designed by Mountainlight Designs. We will work with whatever graphics/graphic designers you have in mind. Our specialty is coding so your designs can acheive full functionality as a web page.
• Mobile sites
Mobile sites are becoming more and more popular. They require a different layout for a smaller screen resolution and a simpler menu in most cases. We specialize in building mobile sites that will compliment your desktop browser site.
• Contact Us
Whether you need a simple electronic "brochure" or a blog or a fully-interactive site, we would love to hear from you. Tell us your ideas, questions, budget. Let's talk websites...call Des at (631)286-4168 or email him at:

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